3 Recycled Easter Crafts Made From Wrapping Paper Rolls

Easter crafts made from wrapping paper rolls are a fun way to decorate for the spring holidays as you use up all of that pastel wrapping paper! You won’t be seeing any napkin rings made from wrapping paper rolls either!

Here are five of my favorite recycled Easter Crafts made from Wrapping Paper rolls.

Recycled Easter Crafts #1: Easter Egg Wreath

You can use your old wrapping paper rolls to make fun Easter wreaths. Take one roll and form it into a circle. Take another wrapping paper roll, the kind that is a flimsy roll that opens up, and cut it up into small egg like pieces.

Use hot glue to glue the eggs all over the circle you formed. Spray paint the whole thing pastel purple or yellow. Cut out more eggs of wrapping paper roll, paint them up to look like detailed Easter eggs with polka dots, stripes, and more.

You can also cut out a bow as well and glue it on too!

Recycled Easter Craft #2: Egg Picture Frame Ornaments for Your Easter Egg Tree

Go ahead and cut out some cylinders or egg shaped from your wrapping paper roll. They need to be about one inch thick.

Trace them onto some cardboard. Cut out a picture the same size circle. Glue the photo onto the cardboard. Paint your cylinder out in some pastel paint.

Now, glue the pastel cylinder on top of the photo to form a frame with some hot glue. Glue a pastel ribbon bow on the top and add an ornament hook!

These are the perfect addition to an indoor Easter egg tree centerpiece.

Recycled Easter Craft #3: Candle Votive Covers

If you have some of those flimsier wrapping paper rolls that open up then this is a good craft. The solid sturdy rolls, like a paper towel roll will not work.

Go ahead and open up the whole roll. Use books to hold it open. Grab a few clear drinking glasses and measure how tall they are.

Cut out the rolls to this height. Make sure the roll can wrap around the glass. Now, cut out Easter shapes and letters from the cardboard sheets. Remove the books and slip around your clear glasses!

Add a tea candle in the glass and light!

You can paint out the cardboard in fun pastel colors as well. I like to use spray paint in this case. You can also punch out holes in a row along the top and bottom. Run pastel ribbon through the holes.