Best Gifts For A New Guitar Player

If you have a friend or a relative that has just started playing the guitar and wants to give them a nice gift for an occasion or just to motivate them you are in the right place. I will reveal the best gifts you can buy for a new guitar player and you will make someone’s day.

However, I would suggest you to always ask them what they need first as it is the best way to get a nice and needed gift, but if you think you know the person enough you can also make a good surprise and buy them a gift from the suggestions that I will give you here. Let’s take a closer look.

In my opinion, every guitarist needs a good pair of headphones. If you think that this is a good idea you are right, and you have tons of choices here, so you can choose something that will fit their personality the most. For example, you can buy them a pair of monitoring headphones like the Audio Technica ATH-M40x that will help them with their playing. However, you can also gift them a pair of wireless headphones for convenience like the Bose QC IIs.

Another gift idea that I think is pretty nice is a clip-on guitar tuner.

This will be handy all the time for every guitar player, even if he/she already has one. They can keep one at home and the other in their gig-bag just in case. Tuners are also pretty affordable and are pretty versatile so you don’t need to know what kind of guitar the person is playing, they are a pretty fail-safe gift.

A gig bag is also a perfect idea for a new guitarist, just make sure to ask them if they already have one, so they can use it since most of the guitars these days already come with gig bags. But there is no harm in having a better gig bag since it is perfect to have a gig bag that delivers tremendous value for the price and can accommodate all your accessories.

If the new guitarist in question is playing an electric guitar it may be a nice idea to buy them a guitar amplifier for practicing. that will deliver excellent value for its price and will help the new guitarist progress his/her skills faster than ever.