May 15, 2017

One of the important lessons we have learned in building Conscious Period is that collaboration is absolutely critical to building awareness, growing a business and making change. We collaborate with giving partners to get products to those who don’t have access, retailers to educate their customers about the pressing issues in this space and other brands to highlight the interconnectedness of the solutions to so many social issues. One of the main priorities for Conscious Period is to provide stable, high quality jobs with upward mobility to people transitioning out of homelessness. The reason why people don’t have access to these products is because they don’t have access to income. Conscious Period has the ability to change that, so we are.


Our newest initiative, Conscious Collective, brings to life the power of collaboration, shared resources and employment opportunities to people who currently lack access. This co-working space in Los Angeles, CA offers private offices, storage and fulfillment services to young companies with shared values. The best part is, the jobs required to accommodate the distribution, fulfillment, inventory management and receiving needs of all of the companies in the collective will be given to people transitioning out of homelessness looking for a new start at building a real career. This model will not only allow new businesses to save on rent, shipping and labor, but it will also create many more jobs and a lot more awareness than Conscious Period could alone. We can accommodate the unique needs of each company through creative collaboration while optimizing the areas where we all have similar pain points as companies and founders.


We understand the needs of young companies because we are one. This new space creates a harmonious environment for so many companies and people to thrive, learn and grow together. We have seen the power of collaboration and know that we are all greater than the sum of our parts. Conscious Collective is an offering that allows us to turn that knowledge into action and effect more change than we ever could alone.