November 16, 2016

The results of last week’s presidential election created a lot of uncertainty about the future of health care, specifically women’s health care, in our country. It is more important than ever to step into our power and raise awareness about the issues that deeply affect us and our communities. We see advocacy, responsible giving and collaboration as the best catalysts for domestic and global progress.

Our friends at Faircloth + Supply talk about “confidence as a result of empowerment” and we could not agree more. Our likeminded ethos drives our daily commitment and passion to the women and girls we serve domestically and globally. By providing the bare essentials, like education uniforms and access to healthy period products, we remove the barriers to personal confidence. Empowering girls with confidence to believe in themselves beyond a material gift will last a lifetime.

This is NOT a Luxury.

We are so inspired by the work that Faircloth + Supply has done to date. In their 3 years of business, Phoebe Dahl and her team has provided over 5,000 uniforms to girls in Nepal, giving them access to school and an education.  Their education acts as a shield against violent acts, such as sex trafficking and child marriage.  Of the 170 million children around the world that are not enrolled in school, 70% are girls. 

Here in this country, there are 26.4 million women who cannot afford period products every month because SNAP (food stamps) do not cover them and they are taxed as luxury items. This leaves women vulnerable, humiliated and at risk of infection. Additionally, homeless shelters report that pads are one of the most often requested but least often donated items. We are on a mission to solve this infringement on, what should be, a basic human right. 

Together, we can empower women and girls worldwide through access to education and healthy period products. Collaboration is the key ingredient to solving the world’s most serious problems. In order to become an agent of change we can start by reminding ourselves and informing our communities that #ThisIsNOTALuxury!

We are thrilled to introduce, in collaboration with Faircloth + Supply, our limited edition “This Is Not A Luxury” teethat raises awareness about the 38 US states that continue to tax tampons and pads as luxury items.