Create A Romantic Valentine Scroll

Several years ago, I created a little something for my current husband while we were still dating. It was a funny little original craft idea that I almost didn’t include in the package I was sending to him, but decided to include after all.

It turned out be his favorite gift out of everything I had sent him, and still today, years later, remains hung in a collage frame in our bedroom. What was this unique gift idea? A Valentine scroll.

It’s really a quite simple craft idea. You will need a nice piece of decorative paper, possibly stationery, or even scrapbooking paper, a variety of candy conversation hearts, glue (an Elmer’s type works best for this) and a pretty piece of ribbon.

In your own handwriting, to make it more personal, begin to write a sweet note to your significant other on the pretty piece of paper. Look through all of your conversation hearts for catchy little phrases you might include in your message, and instead of writing out those words, glue a candy heart into place at that point of the message.

Use several phrases and colors of hearts to make it more appealing. You may need to buy small and large candy hearts, or choose different brands to make up an interesting collection of phrases appropriate for your message.

Glue hearts on with a non-toxic school type glue such as Elmer’s, and allow to dry thoroughly . Upon drying, gently roll up the scroll loosely, and use a colorful ribbon, perhaps curled with a pencil, to tie around the scroll. Keep in mind the paper has hearts glued to it and may not roll perfectly even, so just do the best job you possibly can.

Make sure your message is heartfelt and not just something cheesy that worked with the words on the conversation hearts. Give this little message to your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, along with whatever else you are giving, and you are sure to brighten his/her day.

The scroll may be gently unfolded and flattened and placed in a collage type frame if so desired, as a regular flat frame cannot be used because of the added height from the candy hearts. This makes a unique and personal gift from the heart … both literally and figuratively!