Creative And Inexpensive Easter Surprises

You want to do something educational, but “CANDY!” is what your child wants to see in the Easter basket. This is a quandary many mothers face. Here’s a way to solve the dilemma and make both of you happy.

Dual Purpose Jelly Bean Container

This project is simple and yet quite unique. You need to get 3-inch clay flowerpots. Paint the rim of the pot white with acrylic craft paint, and allow it to dry. Around the painted rim create a continuous design.

Use a small foam stamp or paint petals in blue or hot pink and create a center one the petals are dry by dipping a pencil eraser in yellow paint. Allow this to dry overnight and then coat it with white, clear drying glue or decoupage medium. Tie a colorful wide ribbon into a bow around the base and you are done with the pot

Put a small package of seeds in the jar. Some simple ones for children to grow are radish, carrot, and chives. To satisfy that child’s sweet tooth fill the pot with jellybeans around the seed packet. Put a small plastic bag of growing medium and simple to read information about the plant and how to grow it. That part is educational. Your child will be thrilled to eat something that he actually grew.

The jellybeans will be gone soon and the planting time is just about right for the seeds. This Easter gift keeps giving all summer long.

Make an Easter Bunny or Easter Chick Candle Holder

A really cute idea is a decorated votive candleholder. You need simple 3-inch glass votive holders. Cut a 2 X 7 inch piece of Daisy D’s scrap booking pattern paper. Glue a 1 inch white circle made from card stock or white felt for the bunny head, in the middle with the top 1/4 inch from the top edge of the long side. Machine stitch the edge of the white circle and 1/8 inch from the edge of the paper. Go all the way across the top and the bottom of the long side of the paper.

Glue ears to the top to the top of the bunny head and stitch around the interior of each one. Use brads, beads, card stock, or other decoration for blue eyes and a cute little pink nose. Wrap around the candle and secure with glue. Tie a decorative thin cloth ribbon underneath the bunny head. Knot it and dot a bit of glue to keep it in place.

For an Easter chick just follow the steps above but use a triangular piece of orange for the mouth and two black or blue flat backed beads, brads, cardstock or felt for the eyes. Finish with the directions on attaching the paper from the bunny section.

Make your own mini tag and attach it to the ribbon. Put in a votive and your Easter gift is ready.