Creative Ways Of Decorating A Master Bathroom With Candles

Candles have been one of the most popular decorating accessories for decades, and they are still just as trendy as ever. New fragrances are continuously being developed, and the designs have become extraordinary.

From layers of colors and fragrances in clear jars to ornate wax sculptures, they can be very unique. I enjoy decorating my home with candles, and I have incorporated candles into the interior designs I have created for others. Try my ideas to transform your master bathroom into a relaxing and stylish oasis.

Decorate Your Master Bathroom with Candle Sconces

When people think of candles they do not usually think of sconces, but wall-mounted holders are an excellent choice when decorating a master bathroom. Consider mounting matching sconces on each side of the master bathroom mirror or mirrors. They can be lit or turned on when a lower level of lighting is desired.

I chose a circular wrought iron sconce that holds eight tea light candles when decorating my master bathroom. Because I am cautious regarding open flames, especially when close to a wall, I use the battery-operated variety.

I selected high-quality flickering tea light candles surrounded with real wax instead of the cheap plastic type. They look like real candles, and they beautifully and safely illuminate my master bathroom wall.

Decorate the Sink Top and Bath with Fragrant Candles

When decorating my master bath with candles I also added three vanilla-scented pillars. I placed one on each end of my garden tub and one in the center of the countertop between the double sinks.

They provide just the right amount of flattering light on romantic nights and during relaxing baths. Although battery-operated candles are by far safer than wax, wicks and flames, they do not provide the same level of lighting. I prefer real wax candles over the battery-operated variety when decorating a countertop or bathtub ledge.

Use Submersible Battery-Operated Candles in and Around the Shower

A shower can be just as relaxing as a bath, especially when the enclosure is illuminated with candles. Since water and fire do not mix, select battery-operated candles in and around the master bathroom shower. Place high-quality submersible candles in pretty holders, and place them on the overhead ledges and on shower seats.

When decorating the interior of my master bathroom shower I used heavy crystal containers filled with colorful jelly balls. They are soft gelatin-like spheres about half of the size of marble when fully hydrated, and they require moisture to remain pliable.

Since the inside of my shower includes a beautiful stained glass window I placed a stalk of lucky bamboo in the crystal container of colorful jelly balls. When I want to light the display I simply turn on the battery-operated candle. The jelly balls take the place of soil, and plants grow beautifully when water-soluble fertilizer is added.

I often use candlelight instead of electric lighting when bathing or showering. I love my master bathroom, especially after decorating with an array of candles. They add beauty, light and fragrance, and they create amazing appeal.