Creative Ways To Use Mismatched Drinking Glasses

Sets of drinking glasses eventually become mismatched as they break one by one. Before long an entire kitchen cabinet shelf can become filled with lone tumblers of various sizes. They are worth saving and using for crafts and creative tabletop decor.

I was able to use several in my home, and I cleared off an entire shelf of mismatched glass tumblers and made room for a new set. Try my creative ways to use mismatched drinking glasses, and create everything from unique shelves to lighted decor.

Make a Unique Over-the-Sink Shelf with Tall Drinking Glasses

I had two mismatched drinking glasses that did not go with any of the others in my cupboard. These were tall, blue translucent glass and far too pretty to toss into the recycling bin. I remembered a finished shelf top that was stored in my garage, and I thought of a creative way to use the glasses and the board.

If I attached the drinking glasses to the ends of the board it would span the width of my kitchen sink without coming in contact with the faucet. I ended up attaching the glasses to the shelf using strong clear-drying epoxy.

This was an ingenious way to create a shelf that would fit over my double sink, especially since the drinking glasses would not deteriorate.

Over-the-sink shelves I had found in stores were made with cheap wooden legs, and they were very impractical. In time they would deteriorate, but my design could last for years to come as long as the glass supports did not break.

I used my handy over-the-sink shelf made with mismatched glasses to hold my African violets, and they looked absolutely beautiful. I also placed two cast resin frogs in between the planters. This was an ideal way to display my plants and my frog decor since my kitchen windowsill was too shallow to hold anything.

It was also a great way to use mismatched glasses, but the shelf was not the only decor I created after cleaning out my cupboards. I used the mismatched drinking glasses for much, much more.

Create Eye-Catching Lighted Jelly Ball Displays

My daughter loves playing with Orbeez. They are also known as jelly balls and crystal mud, and they are soft squishy balls that start out as hard little spheres. When hydrated they grow to about three-fourths of the size of a marble, and they are not just used as toys. They make fantastic lighted displays, especially when placed in clear mismatched drinking glasses.

Simply place submersible votive candles in the bottom of the mismatched glasses after turning them on, and cover them with jelly balls in colors of your choice. If the submersible battery-operated candles have built-in timers they will turn on and turn off without taking apart the display.

These are just some of the many ways I have used mismatched drinking glasses. They can be used to create unique votives for battery-operated candles. The candles can be surrounded by flat glass marbles, small shells and more.

Mismatched glass tumblers can also be used to hold homemade treats wrapped in cellophane and topped with pretty bows. They make great gifts, and in any case they are worth saving and using for crafts.