Easter Bunny Chair Slip Cover: An Easy Craft For Kids

This is a fun no sew craft project the kids can make to help decorate for Easter. Scissors are involved, so this Easter Bunny craft project may not be perfect for very little kids, but if you are willing to cut out the materials, they certainly could easily assemble their chair slip cover and be part of the fun.

This Easter Bunny craft project should cost you less than $5 per chair.

To Make a Easter Bunny Dining Chair Slip Cover You Will Need:

  • 5 Yards of Felt (white, lavender, yellow, pink, and pastel green are all great options)
  • Lots of square soft felt fabric for cutting designs out of
  • Fabric Glue
  • No Sew
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure

To start this simple craft project your need to measure the backs of your dining chairs. You are making a simple square or rectangle to slip over the back, so be accurate with the measurements.

My chairs are 20″ wide and 35 inches tall on the back, so that is what I used.

Cut out 2 pieces of colorful felt for this. You will need two pieces of each chair you are covering. Add three inches on to each side to allow for the no sew or fabric glue.

Lay one piece down. Outline the top and two sides with a thick line of fabric glue. Lay the second piece of felt op to and press it into the fabric glue. Make sure you do not seal the bottom of the two pieces together or you won’t be able to slip it onto the chair.

You will need to let the fabric glue dry completely before moving on to the next step

Turn the Easter Bunny chair cover felt fabric inside out. If you don’t want to wait to do this you have a few options. Sew the fabric with a sewing machine instead of gluing it. You could also use No Sew to sew the three sides.

Let this cool a minute and you can turn the fabric out almost immediate. You could also let the kids use yarn on a large needle to sew the sides together. This will occupy them for a while and provide some more color on the slip cover.

Now, use the white felt fabric to cut out an Easter Bunny design. Let the kids have fun doing this part. To simplify this part have them cut out the Easter Bunny body first. Then a neck, then an Easter Bunny head. Next, use more white felt to cut out feet. Colorful pieces can be used for the tail.

Glue the Easter Bunny pieces down on the chair slipcover

You can add details like googly eyes, glitter, and more to make it really festive. Fabric paint is not the best on felt, but you can use puff paint in a tube easily on felt.

Other fun family details you can add to these Easter Bunny dining chair slip covers are:

-Put the name of each family member on a chair.

-Write Happy Easter on One.

-Use puff paint to add small details like whiskers.

-Cut out other great Easter shapes out of the felt. Flowers, eggs, and carrots are all great ideas.

-Cut out colorful Easter Bunny instead of white bunnies to put on the chair slip covers.

-Why not try cutting out a shape like a spring chick in place of an Easter Bunny.

Once the fabric glue as dried slip the fabric over the back of your dining table chairs and enjoy! Hand wash this Easter Bunny craft project to keep it looking good. Spot clean if you can get away with it!