Easy To Make Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Children love Valentine’s Day and making crafts to decorate their classroom and home with. Some of the cutest and easiest to make Valentine’s Day crafts can be made from items you probably already have laying around.

With just a little glue, some construction paper, old crayons and a few other craft items the children in your care can create love bugs, a Valentine’s wreath and a beautiful stained glass heart craft for Valentine’s Day.
Love Bugs

This is a cute Valentine’s Day craft that uses different sizes, colors and types of hearts to make a cute ” love bug” straight from your child’s imagination to your heart.

Materials Needed:

Construction paper in a variety of colors

Large Wiggle Eyes

Pipe cleaners

Hole Punch





Either precut or have the children cut several different sizes of hearts out of colored construction paper. Cut the centers out of some of the hearts to give a little more variation. Have each child take several different hearts and have them use glue to create their own Love Bug using the different sizes of hearts for body parts, decoration and facial features.

Small hearts could become feet, spots or mouths, larger hearts could be turned into wings, bodies or heads. Use the hole punch to punch holes to attach pipe cleaner legs or antennae Glue as many wiggle eyes on as desired to complete this cute Valentine’s Day craft. Allow to dry and then use to decorate for Valentine’s day.


For a more durable love bug different sizes of foam hearts could be used.

Classroom Extension

After the “Love Bugs” are complete have each child name their bug and tell or write a little about their unique characteristics.

Valentine Door Wreath

What better way to let others know that your home is filled with love than by displaying this easy to make Valentine’s Day heart wreath on your door.

Materials Needed:

Construction Paper in a variety of colors


Glue Scissors

Hole punch

Ribbon or Yarn

Poster board

Large dinner plate



Trace around the dinner plate on a piece of white poster board and cut out Draw a smaller circle inside the poster board and cut out Punch two holes at the top of the circle thread a ribbon through the holes and tie a knot to form a loop for hanging.

Cut several medium sized hearts ( about 4 inches across) out of construction paper Cut several smaller hearts out of construction paper Glue the medium hearts onto the poster board circle with th points pointing toward the center of the circle.

Its ok if you overlap the hearts. Glue the smaller hearts all around the wreath and on top of the medium sized hearts. Allow to dry. Use the markers to write saying such as Be Mine, True Love, You’re Sweet on the smaller hearts. Hang on a door or wall to decorate for Valentine’s Day

Stained Glass Heart

These cute hearts made from wax paper and old crayons look just like stained glass when hanging in a window.

Materials Needed:

Wax paper



Old crayons


Hole punch

Yarn or ribbon

Old towel


Peel the paper off all the crayons Use a kitchen grater to shave the crayons and place into a plastic container ( an adult may need to assist with this depending on the age of the child) Cut two large heart shapes out of wax paper Cover your work space with an old towel Sprinkle the crayon shavings on top of one of the heart shapes.

Cover the first heart with the second piece of wax paper Set the iron on low and iron over the top of the wax heart until the crayon shavings melt and the two hearts are sticking together, Allow to cool Punch two holes in the top center of the heart.

Thread a piece of ribbon through the two holes and tie in a knot to make a loop. Hang in a window and enjoy the beautiful stained glass effect.

Make one or all of these great crafts and your home or classroom will be full of love this Valentine’s Day!