Emerging Crafting District Opening Up Between The Mission District, Bernal Heights, And Potrero Hill

While the DogPatch neighborhood is becoming the crafting artist display zone, a newly revitalized neighborhood is the upcoming supply zone for crafting. What forms this zone of intense crafting? The 3 businesses involved will surprise you.

Crafting In The SF Home Improvement Zone

This emerging crafting supply zone lies in a strategic area south of Potrero Hill, south east of the Mission District, and east of Bernal Heights. It is considered the Bayshore neighborhood, but it is referred to by the people that work and play there as the SF Home Improvement Zone.

Crafts and Home Improvement Are Kissing Cousins

Due to the focus on home improvement businesses in this neighborhood, artistry and artisan related businesses find a kindred community spirit. For this reason, everything you need to create an off the wall or unique crafting project can be found in the SF Home Improvement Zone.

Coolest Crafting Trio In San Francisco

My suggestion for any new crafting project is to start at Scrap. It is full of bins upon bins of inspiration. Furthermore, it is the cheapest and greenest crafting supply option.

Once you have the cornerstones of your project in place, you can move over to the Tool Lending Library. Scrap and the Tool Lending Library are on the same street.

Now that you have the tools for your project rented, you can move over to Lowe’s for anything you couldn’t find at the other two places.

Tool Lending Library Opening Soon

For now, the Tool Lending Library is still in the process of relocating. It will be announcing the grand opening in early 2011. In the meantime, you can rent tools from Lowe’s at lower prices than you might think.

Crafting Supply Shops In The SF Home Improvement Zone
In order to visualize this crafting zone within the SF Home Improvement Zone, I have created a picture using Google Maps.