How To Make And Decorate A Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

These are the items needed to make, also decorate the popsicle stick picture frames. The sticks, glue, (Elmer’s all purpose glue is best,) laminating paper sheets and poster board. Here are some other items that can be used to decorate the frames. The items are foam shapes, rub-ons, stickers, (be sure to use more glue to secure the stickers better) and small alphabet letters.

These items can be found at most craft stores. The sticky strips that are for hanging pictures would work well. Any item to hang it, just be sure that it is something light. The popsicle sticks are in different sizes and shapes.

So there is a choice of which sticks to use or all. These items, the rub-ons, stickers and foam pieces have so many different designs to use that it will be hard to choose which one.

First determine what size frame to make. The sizes are from wallet to as big as an 8 by 10 inch frame. Now start by putting the sticks together. Place one stick on the top of another at the end of the stick.

Then glue it down. Repeat this until you have the size frame wanted. After the sticks are set for the front of the frame, then turn over to the back. Now cut the laminate sheet to fit on the back of the front of the popsicle stick frame in the place of glass. Glass would be too heavy to use on these frames.

Now start on the back by placing the sticks where a picture can be slid in between the front and the back. After that is finished, cut sticks to fit in between the front stick and the back ones.

Just slide them in with glue on between the top and sides so that the pictures won’t fall out. Next cut and glue the poster board on the back. Then place the part to hang it up with at the top.

Now it’s time to decorate the stick picture frame. The foam pieces can be added or stickers. Which pieces of foam or stickers to use would depend on the picture that is placed inside the frame. If putting a picture of a young boy or girl’s sport picture in it, there are sport pieces also stickers that will look good on it.

Also their name could be spelled out anywhere on the popsicle stick frame. When placing the name down the side, place the letters one on top of the other. Also rub-ons are nice to put on the frames. Yet again, which ones to use will depend on the picture that will be used in the decorated picture frame.

If a mothers picture there are angel rub-ons that would be nice. Also flower rub-ons would be nice. Of course teddy bears would look good on any of the frames with the pictures that have been named. After you have purchased all these items,

There will have enough left from the first purchase to make and decorate several more popsicle stick frames. These make a great gift or can be a great money making craft.