Natural Ways To Decorate For Easter

If vibrantly colored, plastic Easter eggs and neon green “grass” leave you wanting to crawl into a bunny hole every Easter, then you aren’t alone.

While these types of decorations herald the arrival of spring to young children and provide a visual, candy-colored delight-many adults long for a more subdued look.

This year, you can safely climb out of that bunny hole to enjoy your own easy and natural ways to decorate for Easter. With just a few ideas and a glue gun, you can easily create your own natural Easter oasis.

Easter Trees

They are common, but Easter trees provide a lovely and natural way to showcase your creativity and Easter-egg decorating talents. While pussy-willow branches are commonly used as Easter Trees, don’t be afraid to experiment with other local trees and shrubs growing around your own property.

Pink and white flowering dogwood branches make great Easter trees, but you can even use plain tree branches. Remember, your Easter eggs-attached with pretty ribbon-will be the showcase of the tree.

Easter Wreaths

Making your own Easter wreath doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Do you have any decorated (hollow) Easter eggs left over from your Easter Tree project? Simply purchase a grapevine wreath and use a glue gun to attach the eggs to the wreath.

If you have any flowering tree branches around (such as dogwood, flowering pear, or crabapple), snip a few off and weave into the wreath. Sphagnum moss can also be glued around the wreath for a more natural appearance.

Floral Designs

The easiest way to reflect Easter on the inside of your home is to take note of the transformation going on outside your home. Are dogwood trees and flowering pear trees blooming? Take clippings and display in vases throughout the house. Or, you can lay them down the middle of a dining table for a simple and dramatic Easter dinner centerpiece.

If daffodils and tulips are blooming, place them with the branches for a custom look. If you don’t have daffodils and tulips growing in your yard-and the neighbor frowns on flower-theft-then head to your local grocery store or flower stand.

Daffodils are very inexpensive, and can be purchased for as little as $1 a bunch. Other flowers that you might consider using are:

Easter Lilies


If you lack the appropriate vases to showcase your floral creations, galvanized buckets (which are available at local home improvement stores) are a clever and inexpensive way to do so. Do you have old baskets in the attic? Simply place coffee cans (or any other vessel that holds water) securely in the bottom, and arrange your flowers. Look around the house for any container that could lend a natural, unique feel to your decorations. Some other items you might consider using are:

Mason jars
Tea pots
Old flower pots
Watering Cans

If you want to decorate you home in a more natural theme for Easter, they key is to be creative and look to nature – and your home – for inspiration. There are many easy and natural ways to decorate for Easter, so get hopping!