Ocean Life Cupcake Liner Craft For Kids

Ocean life is a marvelous and interesting part of the world to kids, and there are many fun crafts that will help kids explore this. Cupcake liners are inexpensive craft tools, and this article will provide you with detailed instructions on creating an ocean life scene using cupcake liners with your kids.

This ocean life craft project has several components, and you can feel free to let your imagination run wild when crafting with your kids. For the base of the craft project you will need a blue piece of construction paper, and I will discuss the supplies need for each part of this kids craft individually. This will allow you leave out things you do not want without missing supplies for the parts you plan on creating.


Sand is an important part of the ocean floor, and you can create sand easily using cupcake liners. For this part of the craft you will need several beige colored cupcake liners, glue, and scissors. Start this craft with kids by deciding how you want your ocean floor to go, and glue a layer of cupcake liners at this height.

Next help kids add another row towards the bottom, and continue until the entire bottom section is covered. Allow the glue to dry, and help kids trim the excess cupcake liners down to the original size and shape of the paper.


Seaweed is another important part of your ocean life scene, and it is easy to make. For this craft you will need green cupcake liners, scissors, and glue. Start the seaweed by helping kids cut a wiggly line down the center of the cupcake liner. Next help them cut another line about a pencil’s width next to the first one.

Remember to follow your original line so that the shape looks kind of like a snake. Finally cut the ends of both lines into points, and glue several pieces of seaweed to the sand part of your ocean life landscape.


Corral is a fun ocean life object that is easy to make with cupcake liners. Fro this craft all you will need is various colored and sized cupcake liners, glue, scissors, and a hole puncher. Start this craft by helping kids flatten the cupcake liners and punch multiple holes in them.

Really allow kids to go crazy with the hole puncher; they can overlap and punch out parts of the edges. After you have created an interesting shape allow kids to glue it to different parts of you ocean life landscape craft.

All of these items make a lovely ocean life landscape that your kids will love to create, and you and your kids can do all of this with cupcake liners. You can even make fish with cupcake liners to add to your ocean life craft; for instructions on creating fish check out my other articles, and Happy Crafting!