Give Back

Give every time you get...your period

The Issues

26.4 million women in the us can’t afford period products every month

Government assistance programs, like food stamps, don’t cover tampons, pads, and liners

Most U.S. states tax period products as luxury items

Menstrual pads are the highest demand personal care item among female-focused service providers and shelters

The Conscious Period Manifesto

This is not a luxury.   Women should never have to pay a luxury tax on these essentials, no matter their income or where they live. Furthermore, it is outrageous that millions of women and girls do not have the ability to manage their most personal needs every single month, and there is no government assistance or widespread social support to help the most vulnerable women in our country.

We believe that access to healthy products is one of the first important issues to tackle, which is why we give back to women who are homeless for every box we sell.

But we're going even further...we are establishing a collective of like-minded companies to employ people transitioning out of homelessness. Together, we can create real jobs and lasting change. Learn more here .