Spring Craft Ideas: Bubbly Pink And Teal Note Cards

In an age where email and text message dominates how we communicate with other people, the simple art of sending a note card has begun to fade. Luckily, sending mail to someone for no reason is still a way to bring a smile to their face. These adorable bubbly pink and teal note cards are simple to create and will definitely make someone’s day!

For this project, you will need:

– Pink cardstock

– Bo Bunny “Shabbalicious Dots” Print Scrapbook Paper (found in stores or online at Paper Addict)

– Pink vellum paper

– “Think Spring” Mounted Rubber Stamp (found online at Stampin.com)

– Watermark ink

– Teal colored embossing powder

– Heat set tool

– 1/4 inch wide teal ribbon

– Elmer’s glue stick

– Decorative edge scissors

– Regular scissors

– Ruler

– Pencil

Begin by folding your pink cardstock into a greeting card shape. (If preferred, you can purchase a pre-made cardstock greeting card. These are usually available in craft stores and paper stores.) Measure a rectangle of Bo Bunny “Shabbalicious Dots” print scrapbook paper that is 1/4 inch smaller all around than the face of the card and mark it with a pencil. Cut the shape out using regular scissors.

Apply a bit of Elmer’s glue stick on the back of the dot print paper. Mat the print paper to the face of the cardstock card and let the glue dry fully.

Measure and mark with a pencil a two and a half inch by two and a half inch square of pink vellum paper. Cut out this shape using decorative edge scissors. Mat the shape onto the lower right hand corner of the dot paper on the face of the card using the glue stick. Dry completely.

Press the “Think Spring” Mounted Rubber Stamp into the watermark ink and transfer the image to the pink vellum portion of the card face. Immediately sprinkle with teal colored embossing powder and shake off any excess. Heat set the powder carefully using a heat embossing tool. Let the ink dry for fifteen to twenty minutes before continuing.

Cut a length of 1/4 inch wide teal ribbon that is long enough to lay vertically across the front of the card. Apply a bit of glue to the back and secure the ribbon from top to bottom one inch to the left on the front face of the card.

Once all glues have dried, fill out the inside of the card with a springtime message. Give to a loved one to make their day bright!