Stencil 1 Stencils: Do It Yourself Decorative Stencils

If looking for an edgy look to the bedroom, family room, or a teen’s bedroom, Stencil 1 Stencils are a raw and edgy collection of do it yourself decorative stencils straight out of Brooklyn.

Known to have been used by the Queen of décor, Martha Stewart, Stencil 1 Stencils have a stencil for everyone in the family. If looking for a new look for a room, or a new way to decorate without spending a ton of money, Stencil 1 Stencils do it yourself decorative stencils may be the way to go.

As seen on the Martha Stewart Show, this very unique collection of stencils can be used to create a theme in a room. They are easy to use, edgy, and tend to make one’s living area or office more personal to one’s personality.

Stencil 1 Stencils Do it Yourself Decorative Stencils offers a wide selection of stencils including the following themes; Antlered Deer Stencil, Boombox Stencil, Headphones Stencil, Jolly Roger Stencil, Palm Trees Stencil, Sparrow Stencil, Traffic Scene Stencil, Turntable Stencil, and a Water Tower Stencil. There is also a Mini Stencil Set which includes a Turntable, Headphones, Boombox, Cassette, Spray Can, and a Wrestling Mask.

The Stencil 1 Stencils are very easy to use and depending on the theme can really make a room pop décor wise. For the Generation X music lovers the Turntable Stencil is edgy, hip and upbeat.

Stencil 1 Stencils can be used in several different ways including creating wallpaper, a stencil brush and spray paint. The Turntable Stencil covers an area 8.5 inches x 11 inches and retails for $10.00.

Equally popular is the Stencil 1 Headphones Stencil which is a graphics depiction of a set of professional looking headphones used in today’s music studios, and also used simply to listen to music.

This particular Stencil from Stencil 1 also makes a great t-shirt for someone in the business. The durable vinyl 8.5 x 11 inch stencil retails for $10.00.

One of the most popular is the Stencil 1 Mini Stencil Set, which offers the six mini stencils comprised of the Wrestling Mask, Spray Can, BoomBox, Headphones, Turntable, and Cassette.

Each of the durable vinyl mini stencils measure 4 x 6 inches with the set retailing for $20.00. The collection of Stencil 1 Mini Stencil Set is a great gift to give to a teen or young adult.

All of the above mentioned stencils are also recommended for use on pillows, t-shirts, and other items. For more information on Stencil 1 Stencils, the do it yourself decorative stencils, available through Shop Bluehouse visit the Web site today.