Upgrade Your Home Decor In Minutes

Whether you’re selling your home or you just want to impress your mother-in-law, you can change your decor with beautiful results in no time. The trick is to use fabric glue, which doesn’t wash away when laundered. Of course, you can sew the decor items yourself, but if you’re just not talented with stitchery you can still do the project yourself, saving hundreds of dollars on a seamstress or decorator.

Make tab-top curtains very quickly by starting with the measurements of the window from rod to hem and from side to side. Add 7″ to the height measurement for hemming. Cut two pieces the size of the entire width of the window.

If you’re making sheers, cut four pieces, each the size of the entire window width. Instead of spending hours sewing or gluing small tab pieces, purchase flat lace on a roll or use wide ribbon for the tabs.

Using the glue, fold the top hem under an inch and secure. Smooth flat. Continue on to do the side seams in the same manner, as well as the bottom hem.

After allowing 10 minutes or so for drying time, turn each hem over again, one inch, with the exception of the bottom hem. For the bottom, turn under once again, 5″. This will finish the hemming of the curtain panel. Use heavy books or clothes pins to hold the fabric in place until the glue dries, if needed.

Cut 6″ pieces of ribbon or lace for the tabs. Glue the ends together, on the back of the curtain. Put one tab every 6″, along the back of the curtain. After allowing to dry for at least 4 hours, the curtains are ready to hang.

Make a table cloth literally in minutes by using fabric glue. Lay the fabric on the tabletop and cut out around the perimeter, allowing three to four inches to hang down the sides. Remove the cut piece from the table and glue around the perimeter, turning first an inch and gluing, then turning another inch and gluing once again. Place on the table and allow to dry.

Make table runners by cutting a piece of fabric 10″ longer than the table. Cut the cloth to a point on each end of the runner. The width is up to the individual. Add four inches to the desired width to allow for hemming.

Turn cloth under an inch and glue into place. Allow a short drying time before turning and gluing once again. Place a clothespin on each pointed end to assure they adhere properly while drying. Fabric glue can be found at most places where fabric is sold. Be sure to read the label first to see that it is waterproof and will not dissolve when laundered.