Valentine’s Day Heart Picture Frame Craft Project

This Valentine’s Day Heart picture frame craft project is a beautiful and fun project. It is perfect for any age or even to keep in your own home. I think this Valentine’s Day Heart frame project is perfect to give as a gift to your sweet heart.

This craft project is suitable for kids and adults alike to spend time crafting. You can get as fancy or rustic as our want.

To Make Valentine’s Day Heart Clay Frame You Will Need:

  • Paper amp; Pencil

  •   Air Drying Clay

  • Paint (Water Color or Acrylic)

  • Water

  • Cardboard

  • Pictures Clear Acetate or Laminating Paper

  • Glue

  • Folding Picture Frame Stand

The first step of this Valentine’s Day Heart craft project is to draw out your heart shape. Simple fold your paper in half and draw the half outline of a heart. Cut it out and open it up.

Use this traced Valentine’s Day Heart to decide on a realistic shape for your frame. Lay the heart flat on a piece of poster board or cardboard. Trace your heart on cardboard. Cut it out with some scissors or an exacto knife. This will be your pattern to trace into the clay.

Roll your air drying clay or polymer clay out on a flat surface. If you are using air drying clay roll it to about ¼” thick. If you are using polymer clay you can go a little bit thinner.

Lay your cardboard heart out on the clay. Trace the Valentine’s Day Heart on the clay with the wooden skewer. Now, Cut the fall leaf out with a sharp knife. You want nice clean edges, so a sharp knife works best.

Now you are ready to cut out the picture frame opening. You can use the knife again to cut out a rectangle or square. I like to use an empty aspirin bottle or old biscuit cutter to cut a circle out of the center. You could even set the circle off center. Remove the excess clay from the middle of your heart.

Now you can add any three dimensional embellishments you would like to your Valentine’s Day Heart. I like to use a needle, wood skewer, pencil point, or anything I can make marks like a pen into the clay. Trace the outline of the swirls and add some slight line indentations around the Valentine’s Day Heart frame. You could even poke dots into the heart.

Lay the heart frame out flat to dry

Once the Valentine’s Day Heart as completely dried you should prime it with a good quality primer. Once that has dried you are ready to paint.

I like to paint this Valentine’s Day Heart frame with watercolor paints. Dilute them with some water and apply to the leaf with a brush or sponge.

I like to add lots of coats in vibrant colors. Get some deep rich color. Once this has dried dilute some gold toned watercolor paint with water. Use a large brush to gently brush it over the heart for an aged antiqued look.

When you paint had dried seal the frame with a clear acrylic spray paint or wood wax product.

Cut out a piece of cardboard in the same shape as your Valentine’s Day Heart. Glue you photo to the cardboard with a glue stick. Glue the cardboard to the back of the frame with some hot glue.

I like to use a folding picture frame stand to hold this heart picture frame. It adds importance and a special touch. You can find these for $1.99 at almost any craft store.